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The Printing of Popular Religious Books in Barcelona During the Nineteenth Century

This is my last article published in Catholic Library World, journal of Catholic Library Association.

The abstract is:

“The purpose of this work is to give a brief and selective account of the publication of popular religious books in Barcelona during the nineteenth century. This century witnessed a massive expansion of publications on religion, especially in vernacular languages. This increase in religious publications led to the widespread dissemination of religious messages among the working classes of Catalonia. The article is divided into four sections. First, it reviews some recent discussions of the concept of popular religion and outlines a framework for the history of the liturgical and religious book up to the nineteenth century, taking this as a point of departure for the primary working hypothesis of this article. Secondly, it considers briefly the publishing world of nineteenth-century Barcelona, with particular attention to religious publishing in the city. Thirdly, it offers a select survey of popular religious books kept in the holdings of the Episcopal Public Library of the Seminary of Barcelona, focusing on the five most important publishers in the nineteenth century, the titles that they published, and the themes that their publications treated. Finally, some conclusions will be reached, focusing on the role of these publications in the dissemination of religious ideas and the spread of literacy, thus confirming the hypothesis raised in the introduction. All quotations from the sources cited are given in English translation, with the original text, in Spanish and Catalan, given in footnotes.”

It can be read freely and open at:

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